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I've been a musician most of my life. From touring on the road with my husband and bandmate, to recording albums, and booking shows and festivals for venues all over the world - My love of music and outstanding festivals in general is what makes me work so hard to ensure the most  success for each and every one of the festivals I produce. From the smallest details to the larger picture.  An all encompassing experience for everyone. For the past few years I was lucky enough to partner up with the amazing Eli Levi Productions for some of the most impressive festivals Israel has to offer.

Paulaner Beer Garden

Once a year we build a Beer Garden on the Marina in Hertzeliya in . 2 days of Music, Food and Delicious Beer. 20,000+ attendance : in partnership w. Eli Levi Productions

Paulaner Beer Garden
Tel-Aviv Eat Festival

I ran 2 main stages in this 50,000+ person festival. A 3 day festival featuring the most well known Chefs in all of Israel, Beer, Music and more :in partnership w. Eli Levi Productions

White Nights Sarona

Once a year Tel-Aviv stays open all night long. Sarona hosted the Beer Garden and Paulaner - DJ's & Live Music .20,000+ ppl: in partnership w. Eli Levi Productions

Tel-Aviv Port Summers

Every Monday over the summer in Tel-Aviv, I curated weely happenings. A boutique market, live music, juggling, acrobatics and more for the whole family

WineFest Sharonim Mall

We transformed Sharonim Mall into a Winefest featuring all Israeli wines- A live band, Wine tasting, great food and more. 20,000 in attendance.: in partnership w. Eli Levi Productions

Bakers Music Festival

Created, Planned and executed Bakers Music Festival for 3 years. Featuring up and coming and already known acts, Chefs, Local Beer and great vibes.

Sarona kids summer program

As part of the summer programming in Sarona. Kids plays and live shows.

Bakers Music Festival
Sarona Summer Program for kids
Beer Garden Paulaner
Bake-Off Sarona

Sarona TLV hosted the launch of Bake-Off the famous cooking show. We set up a 2 day event in honor of it - including Prime Time TV

Sarona in Summer Latin Dance Nights

As Part of the Summer Program, I curated something different for every night of the week- From Latin Dance Evenings to Doc Aviv Movie screenings , Live Music nights, Ted style talks with Jazz trios Boutique Art Fair and DJ's and more : in partnership w. Eli Levi Productions

BeerFest Sharonim Mall

We brought together local and international beers for a proper tasting, Franks specialty hot dogs- how to make your own beer classes and more... 20,000 in attendance

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